Colquitt County Schools

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Support Services

The Program for Exceptional Children (PEC) is focused on meeting the special needs of Students with Disabilities (SWD) and provides a wide range of services that are available to all SWD as needed. Students, ages 3-21, are eligible for Special Education and Related Services within the district.

ADAPTIVE P.E. - Adaptive Physical Education for identified students

AUDIOLOGICAL EVALUATION - Provided for Hearing Impaired students

COUNSELING - Provided for students, and sometimes parents, to help work through problems of school, family and home

MEDICAL EVALUATIONS - Physicals and other medical needs for students are provided on an as needed basis 

PHYSICAL THERAPY AND OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY - Identified students with therapy needs are served by system-employed therapists

ORIENTATION AND MOBILITY THERAPY - Identified students with therapy needs are served through contracted services

SPEECH THERAPY - Identified students with speech difficulties are served by Speech Language Pathologists employed by the school system

DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING SERVICES - Services provided daily by an employed, certified teacherS of the Hearing Impaired

VISION IMPAIRED SERVICES - Services provided daily by an employed certified teacher of the Vision Impaired

PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT - Assessment that is provided for a child who is identified as having problems in the area of behavior, learning, and social competency - a thorough study of the child's problems and analysis of his/her functioning with a diagnostic and summary

SOCIAL WORKERS -Provides support services which include medical follow-ups, parent counseling, contact between home and school, and social history in-take

SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION - For those students who are unable to ride a regular school bus due to disability or some special reason as listed in their Individual Education Plan (IEP)