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SMART Boards and Tools in Colquitt County


SMART is Colquitt County Schools's choice in interactive whiteboards. Many classrooms use SMART boards as a part of instruction daily. Even if a teacher's room is not lucky enough to have a board, he/she can still utilize SMART Notebook tools to build lessons and engage learners. No SMART Board required! 

Technical Help!!

  Step 1: Cleaning your board and checking your Indicator Light
Step 2: What to do if the indicator light is flashing and/or your Smart ink isn't working.
Step 3:  Try the Troubleshooting Flow Chart
Step 4: SMART Board Diagnostics
Step 5: Orienting the Smart Board
Step 6: Trouble with your Smart pens? Click here.
Step 7: If none of the above work, fill out a work order at your school for technical help.


**Do you have a NEW Smart board purchased after May 2014?  To troubleshoot a dual-touch board  - Click here for the manual - Then skip to page 30.

**Beginners directions for using the smart board (especially for paras)

 **Cool tip! Manipulating images in Smart.

Intro to SMART Exchange

Airliners and More

 Airliner Wireless Slate

Quick Reference Guide

Connecting and Customizing

*All SMART Notebook software tutorials

may be helpful for using your Airliner. For more information: