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Required Documentation for New Employees

Medical Examination
Because of the importance of health and safety for boys and girls, and because of the welfare of the employees of the Colquitt County Board of Education, an annual physical examination will be required of bus drivers and cafeteria workers.  All certificated personnel new to the System for the first time will be required to file a physical examination in the Superintendent's Office within thirty (30) days from the date they report to work. The cost of the required physical examination will be paid by the school district.

Fingerprint and Background Check for Employment
Colquitt County Board Policy GAK(1) and O.C.G.A. §35-3-35 require fingerprinting and background checks of all employees when employed and periodically thereafter.  Certified employees will submit to a background when employed and every five years when teaching certificates are renewed.  Classified employees will submit to a background check when employed and every five years during the month of their birthday.
Certification and Records
All persons employed in a position requiring Georgia certification shall present to the Superintendent a copy of the required certificate or a copy of the application for certification including official transcripts and copies of passing Praxis scores prior to assuming the duties of the position.  It shall be the responsibility of the employee to see that required certification is on file in the Superintendent's Office and kept current at all times.

Verification of Experience
Prior professional experience must be verified by previous employers to establish years of experience and placement on the State of Georgia certified employees salary schedule.  It shall be the responsibility of the employee to see that Verification of Experience Forms are sent and returned from all previous employers.