May 3, 2018

Celebrating School Nutrition Appreciation Week. 

Click here for appreciation video from Colquitt County High School.

April 5, 2018

Colquitt County Summer Feeding Program

The Colquitt County School Nutrition Department will offer meals free of charge via the Seamless Summer Feeding Program to all children in Colquitt County 18 years of age and younger. 

Seamless Summer Feeding Program dates: June 11,2018—June 29, 2018.

Organizations that are participating in the Seamless Summer Feeding Program can be found at the following web site starting in June:  

More information pertaining to Colquitt County sites can be obtained by calling the School Nutrition Office at 229-890-6228. Patty Tyson will serve as summer feeding manager and along with other school nutrition employees, will be responsible for providing meals to several different sites throughout Colquitt County. The main walk-on sites will be Cox Elementary School, Stringfellow Elementary School, and C.A. Gray Jr. High School.  

Monika W. Griner, School Nutrition Director stated, “We welcome the opportunity to provide this service to the children of Colquitt County and to partner with area organizations and churches in this capacity. We appreciate the willingness of the community to step forward and assist with meals when school is out. ” 

“This institution is an equal opportunity provider.”

March 5, 2018

Colquitt County School Nutrition
Association Raffle Ticket Winners

March 5, 2018

1. Prize: Beach Bag and Blanket
    Winner: Patty Tyson
2. Prize: 3-Piece Travel Set
    Winner:  Mandy Kinsey
3. Prize: Rachel Ray Skillet/
    Shakers/Measuring Cup
    Winner: Ronald Smith
4. Prize: Pizza and Pearls Cookbook/
    Apron/Muffin Tin
    Winner: Angela Livingston
5. Prize: $50 Walmart Card
    Winner:Cole Holmes

March 6, 2018
1. Prize: Toaster Oven
   Winner: Debra Richardson
2. Prize: Pizza & Pearls Cookbook/
    Winner: Earnest Donald
3. Prize: Storage Set & Pepper Jelly
    Winner: Brandi Curley

4. Prize: Pie Pan/Serving Set
    Winner: Lucille Williams
5. Prize: Griner Jewelry Candle
   Winner: Chris Smith
March 7, 2018 
1. Prize: Panini Grill
    Winner: Randi Brown
2. Prize: Canister Set
    Winner: Ma'Laysia Irvin
3. Prize: Silverstone Dish
            Tongs & Pepper Jelly
    Winner: Lucille Williams
4. Prize: Colander/Shaker/Tong Set
    Winner: Blane Clark
5. Prize: $50 Walmart Card
    Winner: Danna Cooper
March 8, 2018
1. Prize: Coffee Pot
 Winner: Jackie Jackson
2. Prize: Cookbook/Cookie Sheet/
    Winner: Tony Martin
3. Prize: Silverstone Dish/
    Measuring Utensils/Pepper Jelly
    Winner: Andrietta McKenzie
4. Prize: 8 Piece Storage Set/
    Salsa/Pepper Jelly
    Winner: Brettney Twiggs
5. Prize: $100 Walmart Card
    Winner: Karen Williams
March 9, 2018
1. Prize: Emergency Car Kit
    Winner: Brian Lewis
2. Prize: Pizza & Pearls Cookbook
    Bakers Secret Pans
    Winner: Yuanna Sanders
3. Prize: Silverstone Skillet/Whisk/ 
    Pepper Jelly
    Winner: Charlene Hampton
4. Prize: Baking Sheet/RADA/
    Pepper Jelly
    Winner: Malaysia Powell
5. Prize: 43" TV
    Winner: Sheila Lamons

August 7, 2017Student Talent On Display

Colquitt County School Nutrition's delivery truck has a new look. The Colquitt County High School graphics design class designed and installed the "wrap".

Special thanks to CCHS graphics design teacher Jason Van Nus and students: Max Casteel, Alex Crews, Lili Martin-Rivera, James Mercer, and Cheyenne Starkey.
March 10, 2017
Peanut Butter and Jelly Day


It is Peanut Butter and Jelly time throughout school systems in Southwest Georgia.  The Georgia Department of Agriculture and Commissioner Gary W. Black are excited to announce the celebration of the National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day on March 15, 2017. The day will revolve around the education of students on one of Georgia’s top commodities, peanuts.  Click here for full press release.

March 1, 2017Colquitt County School Nutrition Featured by Georgia Public Broadcasting

Colquitt County High School was proud to host the School Nutrition Program of the Georgia Department of Education and Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) as a site location for filming a series of training videos geared towards school nutrition professionals. In the effort to continually improve for the benefit of the Georgia students and the community at large, the Georgia School Nutrition Program leads the nation in innovation and professionalism in all areas of school nutrition. Colquitt County High School was chosen from among other top performing schools in the state to play host to this effort. Film crews captured the school nutrition staff in action as well as students enjoying delicious and nutritious meals in the cafeteria. A few fortunate students actually got the opportunity to show their acting skills as they helped GPB reenact several scenarios of student interaction with faculty and staff. 

 Ervin Watson, representing the GA Department of Education as the lead on this project says, “In addition to Colquitt County High School having a beautiful, new building, the café staff and school administration went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. After the filming was done, the GPB crew paid several compliments to the CCHS students and staff stating, 'They are among the best they’ve had the pleasure to work with.' We are ecstatic about the footage we were able to capture. Mrs. Monika W. Griner, School Nutrition Director and the entire Colquitt County School Nutrition team should be proud of their contribution to this critical component to the future success of school nutrition in Georgia.”

December 5, 2016Colquitt County Shakes It Up in School Nutrition 

Colquitt County School Nutrition is joining the Georgia Department of Education’s new state-wide initiative to Shake It Up in School Nutrition. The initiative was created to enhance the flavor and improve the perception of school meals by focusing on three key areas; tasty meals, friendly cafeterias, and happy schools. 

Click here for full press release.

August 10, 2015

School Year 2015-2016

Students attending all schools in Colquitt County are eligible to receive a healthy breakfast and lunch at school at NO CHARGE each day of the school year. No further action is required of you. Your child(ren) will be able to participate in this meal program without having to pay a fee or submit an application. For further assistance, please contact the School Nutrition office at 229-890-6228. ***Please note: ***Any outstanding meal charges remaining on student accounts from previous years will remain in effect and must be paid in full immediately. No exceptions. Debit notices will continue to be sent home to students who owe lunch money for meals provided prior to CEP Provision implementation. ***Students can apply money to their student accounts at any time for extra servings, extra milk ($.35), etc…However, SN will no longer charge items to student accounts. Students must have money in hand at time of purchase or have money available on account to cover the purchase amount. Parents can apply money to student accounts by sending it directly to the school cafeteria or by going on-line to to make a credit/debit card deposit. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination against its customers, employees, and applicants for employment on the bases of race, color, national origin, age, disability, sex, gender identity, religion, reprisal and, where applicable, political beliefs, marital status, familial or parental status, sexual orientation, or all or part of an individual's income is derived from any public assistance program, or protected genetic information in employment or in any program or activity conducted or funded by the Department. (Not all prohibited bases will apply to all programs and/or employment activities.) If you wish to file a Civil Rights program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complaint Form, found online at, or at any USDA office, or call (866) 632-9992 to request the form. You may also write a letter containing all of the information requested in the form. Send your completed complaint form or letter to us by mail at U.S. Department of Agriculture, Director, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410, by fax (202) 690-7442 or email at Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have speech disabilities and wish to file either an EEO or program complaint please contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339 or (800) 845-6136 (in Spanish). Persons with disabilities who wish to file a program complaint, please see information above on how to contact us by mail directly or by email. If you require alternative means of communication for program information (e.g., Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) please contact USDA's TARGET Center at (202) 720-2600 (voice and TDD). “USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.”

July 23, 2015Attention Parents and Students,

Colquitt County School Nutrition would like to welcome you back for school year 15-16!  Wishing your student much success!

We are implementing a new meal service program this year called Offer Vs. Serve.  This will be implemented in grades 1st—7th   and will continue as it has been in grades 8th—12th.  Pre-K and Kindergarten will remain on Full Plate Service (receiving all meal components).   Offer Vs. Serve is a USDA approved form of meal service established to help decrease plate waste and give more freedom of choice to students.  Both of which benefit the students and the School Nutrition Program.  Students in all grades will continue to receive breakfast and lunch meals at NO CHARGE. However, students must have money in their meal account or in hand to make additional purchases for items such as extra servings, 100% juice, bottled water, etc.    Click here for more information.  Versión española
November 15, 2014
Culinary Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following School Nutrition employees who participated in the local GSNA (Georgia School Nutrition Association) Culinary Contest. Everyone presented a tasty and appealing creation. All first place winners will advance to District Competition on January 15th, here in Colquitt County!    First place winners following the District Competition will compete in March at the Le' Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Atlanta for state honors.
A special thank you as well to the expert panel of judges:  Cox Principal Mr. Jim Horne, Norman Park Principal Mr. Stacey Rutledge, and Stringfellow Principal Dr. Tret Witherspoon. 
Winners left to right:  Marlene McIntyre(Cox), Jill Paul (Hamilton), and Lou Roseborough (Stringfellow)
Unique Breakfast Cup;
1st--Jill Paul-- (Hamilton)
2nd--Wayne-- Hendrixson (Cox)
3rd--Lisa Holmes--  (Hamilton)
Low Sodium Entrée:
1st--Marlene  McIntyre--(Cox)
2nd--Mae Collins-- (CAG)
3rd--Jackie Gandy--(Hamilton)
Whole Grain Cinnamon Rolls:
1st--Lou Roseborough-- (Stringfellow)
2nd--Jill Paul--   (Hamilton)
3rd--Teresa Carrichi--  (Norman Park)
April 24, 2014
 "USDA recently published practical, science-based nutrition standards for snack foods and beverages sold to children at school during the school day. The standards, required by the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, will allow schools to offer healthier snack food to children, while limiting junk food.

The health of today's school environment continues to improve. Students across the country are now offered healthier school lunches with more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The Smart Snacks in School standards will build on those healthy advancements and ensure that kids are only offered tasty and nutritious foods during the school day.

Smart Snacks in School also support efforts by school nutrition staff, school administrators, teachers, parents and the school community, all working hard to instill healthy habits in students.

Colquitt County School System is proud to announce our participation in these USDA sponsored standards. Snack options, vending machines, and other food related items,  will consist of healthier choices starting in SY 14-15. It is important that we practice "Each Day--Excellence in Every Way".  This too is one way we can encourage our children to make excellent, healthy choices throughout life. "
April 18, 2014

 Community Eligibility Provision Extends to Colquitt County High School

School Year 2013-14 served as the pilot year for the United States Department of Agriculture’s Community Eligibility Provision program. Colquitt County School System is currently participating in this pilot program offering breakfast and lunch at no charge to all students at each qualifying location and to all students in grades pre-k through 9th grade.  Click for full press release.

December 13, 2012

Colquitt County School Nutrition Program Provides Quality
Meals and Service

The Georgia Department of Education School Nutrition Division recently conducted a federally required review of the Colquitt County School Nutrition Program. Three schools were selected to participate in this process: Colquitt County High School, Cox Elementary School, and R. B. Wright Elementary School. All aspects of daily operations were monitored, financial procedures reviewed, and meal quality evaluated. Following completion of the three-day review, findings were positive. Read more.
Employment Opportunities -If you are interested in working for the Colquitt County School Nutrition Department, contact 229-890-6228.
Food Allergy - If your child has a food allergy, please contact the school nurse at his/her school.
Colquitt County School Nutrition Rolls Out New Nutrition Standards for School Meals

The Colquitt County Board of Education School Nutrition Program is updating meals served in school cafeterias.  As a part of the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) New Meal Pattern, school meals will offer foods and portion sizes recommended by the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans; and are a key component of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010.  Most changes start this school year. 

 Changes include:

    *More whole grain rich-foods
    *More fruits and increased varieties of vegetables 
    *Low fat and fat-free milk choices 
    *Sodium reductions and trans-fats removed 
    *Age-appropriate portion sizes



Public Service Announcement

Healthy ChoicesAll bread products served in the Colquitt County Cafeterias are 100% Whole Grain.
All salad dressings served are Fat Free or Reduced Fat.

Milk choices are as follows: Fat Free - White, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. We also serve 1% White Milk.  All milk served is free of High Fructose Corn Syrup.
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Colquitt County School Nutrition


Monika Griner, School Nutrition Director
Glenda Drawdy , Bookkeeper  | Rhonda Eldridge, Bookkeeper  | Dale Shiver, Clerk 
 Phone: (229) 890-6228 | Office Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Notice for Language and Disability Assistance for the Colquitt County School Nutrition Program

If you have difficulty communicating with us or understanding this information because you do not speak English or have a disability, please let us know.  Contact the Colquitt County School Nutrition office at 229-890-6228. Free language assistance or other aids and services are available upon request.

Español:  Si tiene dificultades para comunicarse con nosotros, o para entender esta información porque no habla inglés o tiene alguna discapacidad, por favor infórmenos.  Comuníquese con (229-890-6228). Tenemos disponibilidad de servicios gratuitos de ayuda en otros idiomas y otro tipo de asistencia y servicios cuando lo solicite.


In accordance with Federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) civil rights regulations and policies, the USDA, its Agencies, offices, and employees, and institutions participating in or administering USDA programs are prohibited from discriminating based on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, or reprisal or retaliation for prior civil rights activity in any program or activity conducted or funded by USDA. 

Persons with disabilities who require alternative means of communication for program information (e.g. Braille, large print, audiotape, American Sign Language, etc.), should contact the Agency (State or local) where they applied for benefits. Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339. Additionally, program information may be made available in languages other than English.

To file a program complaint of discrimination, complete the USDA Program Discrimination Complain Form, (AD-3027) found online at:, and at any USDA office, or write a letter addressed to USDA and provide in the letter all of the information requested in the form.  to request a copy of the complaint form, call (866) 632-9992.  Submit your completed form or letter to USDA by:

1. Mail: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights
1400 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20250-9410

2. Fax: (202)690-7442; or 

3. Email:

"This institution is an equal opportunity provider."

Meal Pricing

Colquitt County School Nutrition

All students in Colquitt County Schools receive meals at no charge, due to participation in the Community Eligibility Program. 

Adult meals are $1.75 for breakfast and $3.25 for lunch.

Public Release Statement



Nutrición Escolar del Condado Colquitt 

todos los estudiantes en la escuelas del Condado Colquitt reciben comidas a no cargo, debido a la participación en la Programa de Elegibilidad de la Comunidad. 

las comidas de adultos son de $1.75 por desayuno y $3.25 por almuerzo.

Start Your Day the Breakfast Way! 

Breakfast is provided to all Colquitt County students at no cost each and every day. Please arrive to school early enough to enjoy a well balanced breakfast meal. A hungry mind and body can not learn. Fuel up for success!
Health Inspection Scores
Listed below are the most current Health Inspection scores for each school.

Norman Park--100




Employee Information